RMX Network Resources

One resource within The RMX Network is the Sales Training program that is specifically tailored to our industry. Critical to the success of every Partner company in The RMX Network, our ongoing sales program helps companies define their process, hone their sales function and prepare for plans to make significant progress in their own markets.

The sales management component of this resource takes a more organized approach to how Partner companies manage sales in their own areas. Whether it’s building a brand, championing change or creating successful sales teams with a new approach, sales management plays a key role in the future of every Partner company in The RMX Network.

The ultimate RMX Network Resource is the Digital Decor Program, a marketing program that helps Partner companies attack strategic vertical markets and may be the “make it or break it” for any Partner company. That’s why The RMX Network makes sure our Partner companies have access to a marketing program that is nationally accredited for continuing credits through the AIA and IDCEC.

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