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Network Events

The RMX Network provides a wide range of network events catering to almost everyone in your company.

Owners, managers and top employees may attend our Executive Conferences where industry leaders meet for several days to explore new ways to do business better.

Education and training in specific areas of our business continue throughout the year, every year. You’ll find events that match almost every function in your business—production, sales and sales management, information technologies and finance are just of few of the topics covered.

Key vendor partners give you the latest hands-on experience using the most current technologies available. Workflow processes, and solution-based events are just a few of the topics for key vendor partner presentations.

The RMX Network participates in a number of regional, national and international events related to our industry. PLUS, we try to attend vertical market events that might prove fertile for your company to sell into on a regular basis, so you get the intelligence you need to make an impact in your market.

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