Privacy As Competitive Differentiator

By Julie Miller posted 01-08-2020 14:09


Check out this article that details privacy issues in 2020 and how some companies are using "better" privacy policies as a differentiator to their competitors. According to this article: 

In 2020, we will see companies lean into privacy as a competitive differentiator. This "competing" around privacy will cause major brands to make bold claims on their privacy offering. In 2019, Facebook released its Privacy-Focused Vision, which many found disingenuous and downright laughable. However, in 2020, we can expect more brands to follow suit.

The article goes on to state that no company wants to be seen as being against privacy for their customers, so some are presenting more options to customers to help them protect their privacy. This article is a good read and will help you understand how this might be important to your clients if they are involved in B2C selling/marketing. If you are in the B2B business some of these policies will not affect you. Read the article and also check the Marketing Managers community for a discussion on how this is affecting RMX Partner companies.