Mobile App

With increased engagement comes increased action.

Mobile apps make it simple to deliver and receive targeted actions from other users. The RMX Network Mobile App is designed to make it easier to connect and communicate with other Partner companies by using your smart phone.  

  • Designed for your growing company
  • Important messages never go unnoticed
  • Speed matters
  • The RMX Network App makes it easy to do business
  • Uncomplicated access to everything RMX
  • Get an edge over your competitors

Powered by HigherLogic and MemberCentric.

Creates Convenient Access

Accessibility is the name of the game. You and your employees will find that no matter where you are, no matter what you're doing, you'll always have complete access to the knowledge and community know-how of The RMX Network. What could be better than having your employees connect with like-minded professionals?

For Growing Companies

Companies that are growing fast need to keep their employees connected to each other and to industry Partners. Solve problems, get answers, convey new ideas all on-the-go with your phone and The RMX Network App.

Competitive Edge

In today's digital world, it's a race to deliver products and services faster to your customers. While most industries have adopted apps in order to do business better, your company will be prepared to use this app to give you the edge over your competitor. 

Emails Get Ignored

Never worry about missed messages: topic-specific communities alert users when there is new relevant content available.


The RMX Network Mobile App makes it faster than traditional emails to start a new message, reply to messages, and research subjects and processes within the industry. The result? Access to information at a moments notice.