2021 RMX Traditional Wallpaper, Window, and Floor Graphic Installation Training

By Dave Stephans posted 08-19-2021 08:32


2021 RMX Traditional Wallpaper, Window, and Floor Graphic Installation Training

Making Connections and Building Skillsets


Eighteen professionals from Eight different RMX Partners took part in RMX’s Installation Training for Traditional Wallpaper, Window, and Floor Graphics this past weekend. 

For three days RMX Network Partner, Chuck Wingard and his outstanding team at Tree Towns Imaging & Color Graphics, hosted Training Partners KL Conner of Conner Wallcovering, Inc. and Josh Marquardt of Art City Graphics at the first-ever RMX Network Installation workshop.  The workshop was supported by Canon (CSA), Grimco, and IT Supplies.

As installation needs grow and new media and applications are introduced, the need for highly skilled installers is quickly becoming a necessary part of many RMX Network Partners operations.  In addition, many outsourced installation teams are unable to meet the deadlines and schedules of RMX Partners, so increasing in-house service capabilities is necessary to compete.

Each attendee at the workshop had 16-hours of HANDS-ON training – to learn techniques and processes to improve their skill set.  12 hours was dedicated to traditional pasted wallcovering.  In this segment, attendees focused on proper layout, wall prep, proper technique, and far too many tips and tricks to be named.  When all was said and done the team accomplished two full installations, each covering over 80 linear feet of walls.  As commercial applications for wallcovering increase, installers need to have the necessary tools and knowledge of a master installer.  The skillset required for traditional pasted wallcovering may seem similar in scope to self-adhesive but requires an entirely different touch, feel, and technique.

The final day of the workshop focused directly on Window graphic installations.  From full backout PSV to low tack wet applications and clings.  Each attendee had the opportunity to use various types of hinging techniques, proper “riding the wave” applications, and troubleshooting and recovery methods.

In the tradition of all RMX events, we did manage to get out after a long day of work and enjoy local forms of entertainment. IT Supplies was kind enough to invite the entire group to a tour of their showroom and then out to Top Golf for drinks, dinner and target golf. It was a great way for attendees to get to know one another in a casual setting. 

Overall, the workshop provided numerous opportunities for new and seasoned installers to learn from master installers as well as each other.  As is the case in all RMX Network events, the attendees came together and worked as a team to help each other discuss their challenges, ask questions, and network with other like-minded individuals.  As this is the first hands-on event hosted by RMX Network, the success of this first event may lead to many more installation workshops that focus on other areas in high demand. 

Stay tuned.